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Connecting the Past to the Future

A New Cape Breton Resource

In Nova Scotia, the seafood industry earns roughly $1 billion in annual revenue. With new regulations and customer demands, creating new challenges for the seafood industry daily, innovation and creativity are more important to the industry than ever.
With the emergence of UIT, The Island Sandbox, and Startup Cape Breton, Louisbourg Seafoods sees a new and underutilized resource in Cape Breton's emerging tech and startup communities. SEA++ is Louisbourg Seafoods initiative to explore opportunities between these vital Cape Breton resources.
The seafood industry remains one of Cape Bretons strongest and most resilient sectors. By staying at the forefront of technology solutions, the Cape Bretons seafood industy can remain at the head of worldwide seafood markets.
Bringing the Cape Breton Seafood and
Tech Sectors Together
The challenges put forth to participants of the SEA++ Competition will come from industry experts from a number of different fields within the seafood industry.
The winning individuals and teams of SEA++ will receive thousands of dollars in prizes.
The Competition
Participants will create industry solutions with the help of business insiders and experts. This could lead to new businesses, partnerships, and investments.
The SEA++ Competition will begin on January 26th, 2016 at The Verschuren Centre, CBU. This event is open to the public, and the competition is open to all backgrounds and skillsets. At the opening of the competition, Louisbourg Seafoods will unveil a number of challenges facing the industry for competitors to tackle. Solutions can range from technological, to marketing, to logistical in nature. Teams and individuals will choose a number of challenges, and connect with industry insiders and business experts to conceptualize and develop their solutions.
Ideas Pitch Session
March 26th